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The Cost of Missing Out (COMO)

If you sell products or services online, and you are only making these available in a single language, you are missing opportunities. Do you rely on the idea that English is widely spoken in a large majority of countries?

In 2011, the European Commission published a report revealing European online language preferences that might be a huge shock to you. (Flash Eurobarometer, Flash EB Series #313, May 2011).

Main Benefits

Artificial Machine Language Translations

Using this method, we would simply copy/paste your existing page content into a translation software – then paste the output into your new webpage and go on to the next page. This is without a doubt the most affordable and fastest way to get your website in front of a larger market, instantly.

Combination of Machine Language/Human Translation

We would use the previous method above, but before we send the new content to you for publication, we would go though each page and correct any perceived miscommunications or translation errors. This takes a bit longer, costs a bit more, but these pages would have a better overall conversion rate than the 100% machine language pages would.

Human Translation

With this approach, we study your existing content and create your new content as a native speaker of that language. The content will flow smoothly and adhere to be grammatically correct, as if the content was originally written in the user’s language. With this method, your content should immediately connect with the reader and your conversion rate should be as high as your original language content. We currently offer this service in English, Spanish and Filipino.

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