HREFLANG Tags Features

Powerful Tools to Help You Implement your HREFLANG Tags Properly

Google Search Console recommends that all sites using International Targeting should implement hreflang tags, also known as rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” to correctly inform Google about localized versions of your page. For static HTML websites, this can be a time-consuming and daunting task. But, for WordPress-Powered websites, it is next to impossible.

HREFLANG Tags for WordPress makes it simple and easy with our powerful features.

Bulk Editing Tool

1-Click Save & Delete

Save yourself the hassle of opening each page, post or product one-by-one and use this tool to update all your entries in one convenient location.

HTML Generator

For non-WordPress websites

Generate HTML code instantly for use on your non-WordPress websites. It’s as simple as copy & paste.

Validation Tool

Test and Validate your Implementation

Test your hreflang implementation directly from the meta box you are working from. No more external tools or waiting for Google to index your pages.

Bulk Validation

Save Time… and Time is Money

Do you use our Bulk Editor to enter all of your tags? If so, you no longer have to check the validation results page-by-page. View all of your validation results in one place with our Bulk Validation Tool.

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